Dont miss out! Four leaderboard
challenges this month worth a
total of €20,000 in CASH

Get ready for our 4 leaderboard challenges and race for a share of €20,000!

This month, we’re launching four, one week-long leaderboard challenges worth a total of €5,000 each. Join any race
by spinning the reels at least 20 times with a minimum stake of €0.50 on any of our 4 eligible NetEnt games.


Play at least 20 spins on any of the four games below at a minimum bet of €0.50 per spin.
Your position on the leader board is determined on the highest Win Factor per spin.
The €5,000 prize pool is paid out to the
top 15 finalists of the tournament.
Dead or Alive
Gonzo's Quest
Jack and the Beanstalk
Divine Fortune


PositionNameCountryWin FactorPrize
1Andreas BDE1,159€1,500
2Vera V HDE1,141€1,000
3Mustafa MDE815€750
4Christina DDE635€600
5Teo RFI597€450
6Marcus SDE556€250
7Johannes SDE479€100
8Michael ADE444€100
9Tuncay YDE435€50
10Pavlos KDE341€50
11Rosario CDE340€50
12Sebastian KDE330€25
13Bastian SDE328€25
14Peter JSE306€25
15Daniel FDE303€25
16Jonne SFI288 –
17Marc SDE284 –
18Benjamin VDE284 –
19Jessyka PDE281 –
20Dennis PDE266 –


PositionNameCountryWin FactorPrize
1Viktor BDE480€1,500
2Michael SDE346€1,000
3Carsten DDE330€750
4Silvia WDE320€600
5Michael MDE285€450
6Kevin ADE279€250
7Norbert HDE278€100
8Marco SDE276€100
9Sebastian SDE257€50
10Kennet ISE254€50
11Ari PFI253€50
12Felix TDE252€25
13Steffen  BDE230€25
14Jens MDE229€25
15Jannes GDE222€25
16Rosemarie BDE220 –
17Dennis FDE219 –
18Erik TDE215 –
19Christian SDE215 –
20Falk RDE207 –


PositionNameCountryWin FactorPrize
1Michaela J-NDE1,042€1,500
2Daniel SDE714€1,000
3Regina SDE440€750
4Marco GDE350€600
5Joachim BDE349€450
6Sergius GDE310€250
7Rexhep IFI287€100
8Andreas HDE277€100
9Sipan SDE271€50
10Sven FDE239€50
11Domenico BDE237€50
12Matthias MDE213€25
13Ekaterina KDE211€25
14Nimon ADE211€25
15Markus RDE207€25
16Tanja PDE202 –
17Timo HFI198 –
18Josef KDE193 –
19Jannes HDE188 –
20Annika MDE182 –


PositionNameCountryWin FactorPrize
1Florian KDE745€1,500
2Wojciech SDE488€1,000
3Jonas LSE472€750
4Giovanni SDE464€600
5Katharina KDE431€450
6Doris SDE314€250
7Johannes KDE280€100
8Christian ZDE273€100
9Atilla DDE271€50
10Matthias SDE260€50
11Patrick SDE257€50
12Matthias HDE257€25
13Andre PDE241€25
14Marco MDE240€25
15Annett RDE240€25
16Marc GDE227 –
17Christian PDE218 –
18Nazmi EDE217 –
19Daniel JDE216 –
20Patrick FDE215 –

1. Four weekly tournaments will be running between 5th of March 2018, 00:00 CET, and 1st of April 2018, 23:59 CET.
2. Each of the four weekly tournements has a total prize pool of €5,000 in cash, distributed amongst top 15 qualifiers on the leader board. Total giveaway amount throughout the promotion is €20,000.
3. Leader board is reset at the start of every tournement. Ranking is determined by win factor.
4. Win factor is calculated by dividing ‘Win’ amount on a *single spin or feature by the original ‘Bet’. The player with highest average win factor for all game rounds wins.
5. A *single spin includes, but is not limited to hitting features such as scatter symbols and/or free spins. Winning free spins during a game round is considered to be one game round.
6. Cash prizes will be credited the day after the tournament ends by 17:00h.
7. Only the highest win factor entry for each player is displayed on the leader board.
8. Minimum 20 spins of any of the 4 games ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’; ‘Divine Fortune’; ‘Gonzo’s Quest’ and/or ‘Dead or Alive’of minimum €0,50 per Spin are required to qualify for the weekly tournament. Users can join at any point after the tournament starts.
9. A qualifying round for the purpose of this promotion must be at a minimum of €0.50. Any rounds which are lower than €0.50 are not qualifying rounds and will not count towards the leader board.
10. One winning spin on any of the following 4 games automatically puts you in the chance of winning a cash prize: ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’; ‘Divine Fortune’; ‘Gonzo’s Quest’; ‘Dead or Alive’.
11. Both Bonus Money and Real Money wins are reflected on the leader board.
12. In the unlikely event of a tie, the winner will be the player who hit that specific win factor first.
13. Leader board is refreshed on a daily basis, calculating win factor for your top win.
14. In the event of any dispute, Quasar’s decision shall be final.
15. Quasar reserves the right to update and modify the terms and conditions at its discretion. These Promotional T&Cs shall apply in conjunction with the General T&Cs and General Bonus T&Cs.